saraiel (saraiel) wrote in madradhair,

Getting rid of orange/brassy hair color

So a few days ago I posted about having very orange/brassy looking hair after getting it professionally dyed. I've since looked into ways to fix my hair myself and found that dying my hair with an ash (blonde or brown) color will supposively get rid of the orangeness. But then I've also heard it can turn your hair green! I plan on going to Sallys and trying a strand test on my own hair before dying all of it...but I'm feeling a little lost.

No, I won't go back to that horrible salon. And I'm leaving in 2 days to go on a trip that I don't really want orange hair for!

Does anyone have any experience with this? Or know anything about how to get rid of this horrible hair color without damaging my hair horribly. Incase you hadn't read the other post, I had already had dyed black hair and highlights then got the color stripped and had my hair redyed again. I'm really trying to baby my hair because of this, but I just can't stand this color anymore!
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