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Should I change my platinum blonde hair to dark brown/black again?

My hair as been super cooperative with remaining platinum/WHITE blonde for the last...oh lets say a year? But alas, I'm getting rather bored with it. I'm thinking of dying my ever lovely/precious/coveted white locks...BROWN/BLACK. I did this once when I was 14/15 when my hair was just chin length and I loved it....but got bored and went back to blonde....

I have a feeling this might happen again, I'll get bored and not be able to go back to platinum blonde without FRYING my hair....But I do have to say, I loved the color while I had it....I'll be devastated to lose the bonde (I love being able to be spotted in a crowd!) but its beginning to damage and I feel like it's time for a change...

White hair:

Brown Hair:

So here is a basic rundown of the last couple years of my hair! THere arent as many pics of the brown because it was only like that for a few months =P :
Just so you know ,my hair is naturally a light brown/dark dark blonde...

Summer before 7th grade:
Highlighted dark blonde, VERY Long:

13 years old

Lighter Blonde: Summer before freshman year, 14 years old.

A little longer hair:

Cut off all my hair, Initially I regret this haircut horribly...although it was pretty cute at the time:

Brown with Blonde streaks...skunky look:

Got adventurous....went green!: Put the pic wont load =(
I decided to do it blue after that!

It faded so I did brown/black: (this is the color i'm thinking of returning to)

Winter of freshman year, 14-15 years old

But I missed being blonde and started off with some highlights:

More highlights!

Spring of Freshman year, 15 years old.

Alright...ALOT more:

Summer before Sophomore year, 15 years old

Then came the HEAVY DUTY BLEACH:

October, sophomore year. 15 years old

I dyed my hair purple somewhere around here...Ultraviolet purple by manic panic...but it faded quickly to a grey and I bleached it out.

Just when I didn't think my hair could get any lighter:

It did...

Since this point my hair hasn't really changed except that I dyed the underneath blakc instead of leaving it brown..

Here are the most recent pictures:

Junior year, 16 almost 17

Sorry for all the pictures!! I just wanted you all to have a good idea of all the hair colors that i've had and what they look like on me!

I'm considering going from the platinum blonde I have now to the dark brown/black that I had before, tell me what you think! Or suggest another color for me?

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