Retro Zombies (retrozombies) wrote in madradhair,
Retro Zombies

in need of a serious color change.

hey guys, I'm getting pretty bored of having my black hair back {a decision to abandon all hope on maintaining a red color} and I'm wanting to revamp it. I've only ever bleached my hair twice, and babied it with deep conditioners, leave in sprays, you name it I've put it on my hair to get it back to health. But I need you guys to give me some advice! I'm also looking to get extensions by April, one the color my hair is going and another set to add in some extra color. 

from the last time I bleached it to now timeline:

May 2011: it went a pretty ginger blonde/mousy brown colour in the under layers that I loved. 

July: and then I put an XXL live color of their brightest red over it and got this. Which I also loved, but found a pain in the ass to keep. And then I chopped my hair thanks to my friend convincing me to lend her my hair for her hairdressing class.

august: derp my hair got sheared to a boxy cut I hated. And it's safe to say me and the girl don't really talk anymore. 

November: I caved due to en masse amount of root regrowth and put a black back on it. 

Jan: I got my hair cut so this gives you the idea of the length. 

Thanks guys!

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