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Welcome To MadRadHair
*Unfortunately this community no longer sees much activity aside from spam. Rather than deleting it and all the great content posted over the years, membership is now closed so as to avoid any more spam. If you wish to join and actually post about hair, you can contact the moderator.*
This is a place to post about anything hair-related:
How-to questions (styling, hair dye, cuts, products, etc).
Advice about your hair (what would suit you, pictures for inspiration, whether to try to DIY or seek a professional, products for your hair type, etc).
Requests for pictures or information (hairstyles, cuts, colors, products, experiences, salons/stylists, etc).
Sharing your pictures (hair timelines, before/after pictures of your hair, etc).
Anything else you feel is on topic for the community.
Be respectful of everyone.
No community promotions or spam allowed.
Please put any more than 2 pictures, or very large pictures behind an LJ-cut.
Contact bruxia with any questions or concerns about the community.
LovelyDyedLocks (great resource for pictures, tutorials and other info)

Hair-Files (organized by categories for style, color, and length)
WowBrightHair (loaded with tons of pictures of colored hair)

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