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i am satisfied with my stylish
fashion, model
Here its my hair before my latest show yesterday. Its pretty cool enough


Wedding Hair
I'm getting married at the end of the month, and I'm going back and forth between doing my own hair or getting it done. I've been growing it out for two years just for the wedding, so I kind of want to have it down. I really really like this.

It seems kind of silly to pay someone $80 to do something so simple. I know how to do the waterfall braid, so that's not a problem. My question is about the curls. How do I achieve curls like this? (Sorry if that's a dumb question, but every time I've curled my hair with an iron, it has looked nothing like that...) And more importantly, how do I make them stay all day and night?

Also, my hair is about the length of her hair when it's straight. Since hers is curled, it's obviously a good bit longer than that straight. Do you think that will be a problem?

Thanks in advance!

Mod Post
baby yoshi
Hello everyone, just thought I should let you all know about the changes to madradhair.

I am the new owner and maintainer for the community. For any of you that have the community on your friends list, you probably noticed the slew of spam popping up recently. That has been dealt with by LJ's abuse team and they handed ownership over to me.

The community as a whole will remain the same, but we will hopefully not have to deal with any more spam in the future! I have revamped the old layout and profile, feel free to check it out if you like.

Also, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, I am all ears! Feel free to comment on this post or send me a message privately.

Lastly, if you have any good links to hair blogs/tumblrs, other active hair communities, hair tutorial sites, or anything else you think should be added to the "Links" section of the profile, please share them with me :)

in need of a serious color change.
DCMA; Turquoise Roses
hey guys, I'm getting pretty bored of having my black hair back {a decision to abandon all hope on maintaining a red color} and I'm wanting to revamp it. I've only ever bleached my hair twice, and babied it with deep conditioners, leave in sprays, you name it I've put it on my hair to get it back to health. But I need you guys to give me some advice! I'm also looking to get extensions by April, one the color my hair is going and another set to add in some extra color. 

from the last time I bleached it to now timeline:

herpaderp to the timewarpCollapse )

Thanks guys!

The eternal dilemma:
keira 5
red or blonde?Collapse )

hey I need your opinion
hey so I`m in need of help

look I know you want toCollapse )

Store bought color recommendations? :)
camera vintage
 so. I posted a few days ago about going from dark brown to a shade of red. I decided that due to lack of funds I will be doing this at home. Sooo any recommendationsfor box colors that would get a brighter dark auburn color similar-ish to this one? Heres a picture of me too :)

muuuust change hair!
camera vintage
 So. My hair is boring and always the same and I must change it. I've always wanted to go some sort of red. any red. it doesnt matter if it is more subtle or more bright, whatever would look best. I also am considering some sort of side bangs and possibly cutting it shorter. noooot sure yet. But please suggest anything :) pictures would be awesome too! So first is a pic of me with slightly shorter hair and second is a pic of me recently. The only pics I have taken lately are ones of me in cosplay for otakon XD

Hair color help.

Oh my goodness I haven't posted here in years!

I've decided to go to the salon to color my platinum blonde hair back to brown. I just didn't want to risk my hair turning green/orange/pink/etc etc. You get the idea.

However, I'm willing to risk my hair extensions since I have an old set that I didn't throw away yet. So I was wondering, what filler and hair dye would you guys recommend so I can achieve this redder color: I really like the idea of my hair extensions being a tad lighter than my hair since I'm going to try to achieve this girl's darker, more purpley-red color for my actual hair.

Thanks so much guys! I really hope someone will be able to answer my question.



how is the Ion Color brilliance from Sallys? For anyone that has used it, what color would to recommend to get the above (redder) color?

colors !
 my boss gave me permission to dye my hair some fun colors ! more pics. please leave color suggestions and pix ! t.i.a !Collapse ) any ideas ? i mostly wear my bangs to the side now. im open to anything!!!

Cut Advice?
Hey guys, i'm hoping to get a hair cut tomorrow, hoping to get some advice from you guys yet again!

my current hair

i like the way it looks right now alright, but my hair has this tendency to tangle and get messy within seconds after brushing once it gets this length or any longer. it's also stupidly flat, thin and boring.

Old Pictures and My Own IdeasCollapse )

(no subject)

temporary black
How can I get my hair temporary black? I only need to black for three days and with the type of hairstyle, a wig is not an option.

Even temporary black dyes are more semi-permanent, so is there a type of spray on black? Most of the spray on colors always went on like a thick hairspray but I was wondering if there's a type that will still allow me to move my hair around.
Sorry for not being very specific. I've used some type of spray before that the color was very potent, but my hair texture didn't feel any different. Like I could still move and braid my hair around. I just can't remember the name.

Or worse comes to worse, I'll bite the bullet and go with a semi-permanent dye. Does anyone have suggestions on what one will last the shortest time?

Grad next week! Dont know how to do hair! help! :(

my grad is less than a week away and I have no idea how to do my hair, any suggestions would be much apprieciated. not looking to colour, just cut and or style!
any help is awesome! <3

Heres what i have to work with:
 just a note, its about 2 inches longer in the back than in the front, help me please <3

I Want Purple Hair - Salon Recommendations?
Hey everyone; I just found this community while looking for some advice, and I hope it's ok to ask for salon recommendations (or even stylist recommendations, if you have one for me!). I didn't see anything in the rules against it, so here goes...

I live in a remote location. I want to dye my hair as permanently purple as possible. I have done this before at home with dyes that last less than a month, but this time around I really want to just get it done professionally. I'm actually hoping to achieve two shades/tones of purple...so it looks like I have purple hair with lighter purple highlights, if that makes sense.

Basically, it's too complicated for me to want to risk doing it myself, so I'm willing to pay a professional to do it. I will be in the Newark, NJ and Manhattan, NY area from June1-4, and am looking for salons in that/those area/s that could possibly do this for me.

I really, really appreciate your help. Thanks bunches!

(May cross-post to other hair communities I find. Recommend hair communities or helpful users you know at will!)