allyouneedtokno (allyouneedtokno) wrote in madradhair,

Why doesn't box hair dye, dye my hair? (Sorry this is big)

I'm a broke college student. So going to a salon is out of the question right now...I want to go lighter with my hair because i have had the same color of brown hair forever. I want to do it slowly. So i guess I will start with highlights and just keep getting lighter and eventually here in about 2 months go to the salon. But I need something right now. My goal is to have jessica alb hair.
here's me and jessica alba.

I really don't want to look trashy. So if i want carmel highlights what should I buy? Oh and everytime I go to walmart and buy box hair dye it doesn't dye my hair. Does anyone know why the cheap stuff won't dye my hair, besides the fact that its cheap? Does this make sense, I tend to ramble.
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