The Convivial Ardvark (fireflyfiasco) wrote in madradhair,
The Convivial Ardvark

Cut Advice?

Hey guys, i'm hoping to get a hair cut tomorrow, hoping to get some advice from you guys yet again!

my current hair

i like the way it looks right now alright, but my hair has this tendency to tangle and get messy within seconds after brushing once it gets this length or any longer. it's also stupidly flat, thin and boring.

Here's some other shots of my hair:

(weird old short cut I had...that's the shortest i've ever actually gone...was a weird pixie compromise by the stylist)

(me just being silly with it here)

And some ideas: (largely stolen from other madradhair members)

(my boyfriend picked this one out)

I have a thing for choppy layers, short cuts, and crazy colors, I just tend to always chicken out.
Post any ideas of what you think might look good for me, this is just what i've collected so far.

Thanks so much in advance! <3

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