instacorebarbie (instacorebarbie) wrote in madradhair,

Hair color help.

Oh my goodness I haven't posted here in years!

I've decided to go to the salon to color my platinum blonde hair back to brown. I just didn't want to risk my hair turning green/orange/pink/etc etc. You get the idea.

However, I'm willing to risk my hair extensions since I have an old set that I didn't throw away yet. So I was wondering, what filler and hair dye would you guys recommend so I can achieve this redder color: I really like the idea of my hair extensions being a tad lighter than my hair since I'm going to try to achieve this girl's darker, more purpley-red color for my actual hair.

Thanks so much guys! I really hope someone will be able to answer my question.



how is the Ion Color brilliance from Sallys? For anyone that has used it, what color would to recommend to get the above (redder) color?

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